Continental Marine Captain
The Continental Marines:

November 10, 1775 is the celebrated birthday of the US Marines. After several attempts by the American colonies to work out some sort of reconciliation between the Crown and the American people, the Colonial Congress decided to take a sterner attitude. A committee of the Congress drafted a resolution to create a new military unit, called the Continental Marines

Continental Marine Private
Samuel Nicholas
Captain Samuel Nicholas
This resolution was drafted in a popular Philadelphian inn called Tun Tavern, and was later approved by the entire legislative body. The owner of the tavern, Robert Mullan, was named a Marine Captain, and the owner of another tavern, Samuel Nicholas, was designated commandant of the Continental Marines.

1776, March - Nicholas' Marines land on New Providence Island, Bahamas. In 13 days they secure 2 forts, occupy Nassau, control the Government House, seize 88 guns, 16,535 shells and other supplies.  Returning from the raid, they encountered a British ship.  Marines engaged the ship with muskets and assisted in manning the broadside cannon. Nicholas' Marines Engage Ship
1776, December - Nicholas' Marines assist Washington's Army in the second battle of Trenton (the first recorded joint Army-Marine engagement). Later that spring, Washington incorporated some of the Marines in to artillery units of his reorganized Army
1778, January - Marines sail down the Mississippi and secure New Orleans to keep British traders out.
Jone's Marines on Raid 1778, April - A Marine detachment under the command of John Paul Jones makes two raids on Great Britain soil (the 1st in 700 years).  Depicted here is Jones and his Marines preparing to raid Whitehaven.
1783, January - Marines board and seize the British ship Baille in the West Indies
1785, June - After the end of the American Revolutionary War (Jan, 1783), the last of the nations warships are sold. The Continental Marines go out of existance, along with the Navy.
1798, July 11 - President John Adams officially signs a bill in to law, creating the US Marines

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