As Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Sarah Wild and Susan Martin were about to be hanged, Reverend Noyse urged Sarah Wild to confess. Wild instead cursed him, saying "you will have blood to drink for your part in this evil day". Noyse later died from a hemorrhage in his mouth.

The bodies of the condemned witches were denied a proper burial. Samuel Nurse, son of Rebecca returned secretly at night to claim his mothers body for a proper Christian burial. The location of Rebecca's final resting place is still unknown.

The pregnant Elizabeth Proctor, who's husband had been hung for witchcraft, was imprisoned and was to be hung as soon as she gave birth to her child.

In August of 1692, Mather delivered a sermon that warned the Last Judgment was near at hand, and portrayed himself, Chief Justice Stroughton and Governor Phips as leading the final charge against the Devil's legions.

The girls finally accused Governor Phips wife of witchcraft, based on more spectral evidence. The governor now ruled spectral evidence was not admissible in court. Without support of spectral evidence, the shameful madness finally died down.

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